6666 - One More Than Evil

1.Where are you now(02:32 min., 2.33 MB)
2.Take a Seat(02:27 min., 2.25 MB)
3.You Are The Bastard You Are Complaining About(02:21 min., 2.16 MB)
4.Vomit Dance(03:47 min., 3.48 MB)
5.Headin Out Of Town(01:56 min., 1.77 MB)
2005 Most Ignored Records
Im Sommer '05 aus damals aktuellen Aufnahmen zusammengeschustert um die Nachfrage zu befriedigen....

1.Inspired to Hope(03:21 min., 4.63 MB)
2.I Remember You(02:36 min., 3.59 MB)
3.Descendets of the last(01:53 min., 2.61 MB)
That's Punk Thats Live

1.Wealthy Wanker(02:15 min., 1.55 MB)
2.Hope For Love(02:07 min., 1.46 MB)
3.Take The Hurdle(04:19 min., 2.97 MB)
4.One Day(02:20 min., 1.60 MB)
5.Self Justice(02:57 min., 2.70 MB)
6.That's Punk That's Live(04:19 min., 2.62 MB)
7.Explosive Diarrhea(00:46 min., 0.71 MB)
Another Sunday Morning

1.Dreams(02:59 min., 2.74 MB)
2.Blind(02:58 min., 2.73 MB)
3.Not My Thoughts(03:16 min., 2.99 MB)
4.S.M.D.(02:46 min., 2.53 MB)
5.Empires Fall(04:24 min., 4.03 MB)
6.Friends(02:45 min., 2.53 MB)
Most Ignored

1.Resentful(01:11 min., 1.11 MB)